Iris - Real estate development management software




What is Iris?

Iris is a solution designed and developed by Nezasoft Technologies to aide real estate developers automate processes. The solution not only helps real estate developers to efficiently manage their projects but also improve on their productivity. .

It was custom designed with construction management in mind. The solution enables the respective custodians monitor the progress of all activities in all sites with a click of a button.

Our solution helps users keep track of all the activities in multiple sites and therefore subsequently get real time data on the progress or lack thereof in every individual sites. The solution has the following modules or features to enable users accomplish this fete:-


Iris - Real estate development management software


  • Inventory Management Module
  • Project Management Module


Inventory Management

This is the core module of the solution as it deals with the automation of the following processes:-


Real estate development management software - Ticket


  • Order-to-delivery:- Involves all the activities undertaken from when a material is requested to its delivery and storage
  • Requisition-to-consumption:- Involves all the activities undertaken from when a material is requested to its usage for a specific job
  • Inter site transfers:- Involves all the activities undertaken to transfer materials from one site to another


Real estate development management software


This feature automates the entire procurement and stock management process of all the sites. The inventory module handles the following activities:-


  • Placing orders of materials with suppliers
  • Managing and maintaining supplier details
  • Maintaining material listing and pricing
  • Managing inwards and site deliveries
  • Managing and maintaining material stock in sites
  • Generating stock and usage reports of individual sites.


Project Management

Real estate development management software


This module handles the project itself and monitors all activities from inception to completion. There are a series of inbuilt processes that will enable the efficient transition from inception to completion are handled.

The whole processes starts with the generation of bill of quantity (BOQ) of the entire and broken down to individual unites depending on the design of the structure being put up. All process from order-to-delivery, requisition-to-consumption and inter site transfers are tied to the BOQ.


This means the BOQ gives a real-time update of the progress of every individual deliverable item and the entire project / site as a whole in terms of progress. The BOQ updates not only give the scopes and objective status; it also highlights cost variances, materials usage variances and gives a summary in differences between the BOQ and actual usage on the ground.


This enables the stakeholders have a real-time preview of the projects’ progress and there can make the necessary adjustments if need be. The role of the solution is to give the stake holders and developers oversight over their construction projects.



Real estate development management software


These are the KEY personnel or people primarily involved on the execution of processes from inception to completion. These include:


  • Site Clerk
  • Procurement Manager
  • Foreman
  • Administrator


Site Clerk

The site clerk is involved but not limited to the following activities:


  • Generating Inwards for materials delivered
  • Generating deliveries of materials to other sites
  • Issuing materials for jobs.
  • Managing & Updating stock
  • Raising site requisitions
  • Raising material requisitions
  • Generate stock reports
  • Generate material & site Requisition reports



  • Approve materials requested for site
  • Approve materials for work unit / site jobs
  • Request for materials for jobs


Procurement Manager

  • Raise LPOs based on approved requisitions
  • Maintain and update material list
  • Maintain & update supplier list
  • Approve raised LPO’s
  • Generate LPO reports


System Administrator

  • Create users and profile
  • System customization & settings
  • Generate system logs & reports
  • Define user roles and permissions