Nerve - Ultimate billing software for ISPs (Internet Service Providers)




What is Nerve?

Nerve is an ISP management and billing solutions that enables internet service providers efficiently and effortlessly manage connectivity to their customers. The last 10 years has witnessed a growing demand for internet services which was brought about the expansive growth in the internet infrastructure in the region. This has led to internet growth peaking at 40% as of 2021. This tremendous growth has led cropping up of smaller ISP to bridge the gap due to the growing demand for internet usage.

Nerve is a solution that streamlines billing and connectivity to internet consumers. The solution has facilities that enable automated billing, disconnection and reconnection, manage hotspot and FTTx PPPOE connections. Nerve is a web based solution that comes with two options; Cloud Based and stand-alone hosted at the ISPs premises depending on their needs and budget.

Nerve works on both Linux and windows servers.  Our platform runs on both API and radius for authentication and authorization for network devices. Nerve has both a management portal and customer portal where clients can login and check their billing, raise tickets, make payments, track their usage etc.

This platform is easy to use once users have a good understanding of the work flow. Once the platform is configured to meet the users desired functionality it works efficiently with very little monitoring required. We also offer 24/7 support to all our customers for any issues that crop up with a 99.99% uptime.

The platform can be integrated with all the major world payment gateway processing platforms for automated receipting and can automatically send transactional messages to either the customers or system users via SMS.


Nerve - ISP Billing Software



Nerve not only does authentication of internet clients but also has full-fledged accounting, sales & marketing, inventory and franchise management system. Our solution provides the following features:-

  • Ticket management
  • Quotations & Orders
  • Customer management
  • SMS & Mass Communication
  • Packages and Charges management
  • Network Management
  • Billing & Accounting
  • Inventory
  • Reports
  • Franchise Management
  • System Settings


Ticket Management

This modules helps users to manage tickets. This involves viewing newly generated tickets, assigning tickets to employees and closing tickets. Tickets are generally meant to alert service providers any issues the client may have regarding their account and connectivity.

Nerve-ISP Billing Software - Ticket


Quotations & Orders

Quotes and orders module enables users to generate documents leading to new account signups. They capture the packages/services the customer is interested in including pricing and terms and conditions. Service orders can also be generated from customer leads directly. Customer orders can be used as an official contract document between the service provider and customer.


Contact Leads

Leads are contacts with a potential customers. Leads could be generated by an existing customer requests for an up-sell, cross-sell or down-sell. An existing customer could also generate a lead for another customer and benefit from the referral coupons that system could be customized to provide.

Leads are also generated by the ISPs employees and upon acceptance they are directly converted to customer orders and subsequent sales.


Customer Management

This section is one of the core modules of the platform. This is where all the clients are managed.  This includes creation of client accounts, setting up billing schedules, upgrading and downgrading customers’ services, disconnection and reconnection of customers, generation of client reports etc.


Nerve- ISP Billing Software


SMS & Communication

Once a desired SMS gateway has been setup or configured users have the capability of communicating with their customers through short text based messages. They can send to individual clients, grouped clients or clients within a certain region. These messages could be customized to be used as promotional or transactional messages. This is facilitated through the use of customized templates. Users as also able to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time of day and at a certain frequency.


Packages and Charges management

Under this section we are accorded with the following options:-

  1. Creation of packages and charges and associated pricing structure for each package or service.
  2. Automatically generate cards for hotspot users. These cards allow hotspot users to be given access for a specific amount of time as specified on the cards with usernames and passwords.
  3. Implementation of fair usage policy which basically monitors your clients internet usage and makes the necessary adjustment to limit proliferation.
  4. Create terms and condition related to product/service which will be displayed on invoices and customer order forms.


Network Management

This module monitors and helps setup and configuring your network devices like routers and radius servers. For users who are using the cloud based solution the radius configuration is not that necessary. For stand-alone applications our team can guide you on how to do the set up. Under network you can also check on the status of your devices and online and offline users.


Billing & Accounting

This is also another core module. This is where all the billing is handled and supports both accounts receivable and payable features. This modules offers the following functionality and features:-

  1. Invoice generation
  2. Invoice Reports
  3. Manage receipts, reversal and credit notes
  4. Merging invoices
  5. Activating coupons
  6. Creating & Managing proforma invoices
  7. Making credit note requests
  8. Client statements, profit and loss statement
  9. Journals, banking & Taxes


Nerve- ISP Billing Software




This module helps you keep track of your stock or assets. Assets could come in various forms from network equipment, software. This section also helps users raise, manage and track orders and receive goods. In summary this is what you find under this section:-

  1. Add, manage and track inventory items
  2. Add and manage vendors
  3. Create and manage purchase orders
  4. Create and manage goods inwards
  5. Manage stock
  6. Manage requisitions



You will find all types of reports generated by the system here. Some of these reports include:-

  • Collection Reports
  • Expenditure reports
  • Graph Data
  • Transaction Logs
  • Release Logs
  • SMS Logs
  • System Logs
  • Router Logs


Franchise Management

This option is primarily used to enable ISPs provide internet to other providers under the reseller arrangement. These resellers sell packages or services on behalf of ISPs under some predefined shared revenue scheme. ISPs are able to add franchises and users and track the clients signed up by these franchise companies, revenue generated by these clients, shared revenue generated based on some predefined matrix. The options provisioned include:-

  1. Listings of all franchises
  2. Shared revenue reports
  3. Bills invoiced to these franchises
  4. Payments made by these franchises



As the name suggests this option is for creating and making adjustments to the system configuration.




Demo & More

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