Who we are

Nezasoft is a software development company founded to offer business solutions to various challenges that affect the business community. We deal in various form of software solutions targeting different industries. Currently we are majoring in Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) softwares to counteract the challenges facing SMEs and start-up business in Kenya. Our aim is to provide free or affordable online business processing services in Kenya.

We are offering SaaS(Software as Service) that meets industry standards and keep striving on improving and adding new features to meet the needs of our end users. Through continued support from various stakeholders we are planning to roll out different products custom fitted to meet specific needs of industries like Hospitality, Legal, Freights, Medicine, Architecture, Education,Manufacturing, Real Estate, etc

Nezasoft was born from an idea that was brought forth by a group of software developers who had a worked for different companies thereby bringing forth alot of experience from the different industries. We all had a common goal of creating a solution(s) that will encompass all the needs of businesses in different industries for free or at minimal charge to cater for our recurring expenditures.

Our software is not one of its kind in the market. Therefore we are aware of the stiff competition we are facing, but we will try to mitigate that by providing good customer service in terms of support and coming up with top notch products with more advanced features.

We have just rolled out the solution on the web platform. This means that users will be able to access it via a browser from a desktop. Due to the initial design that only supports higher screen resolution we have restricted access to mobilee users. In short you can not access the solution from a mobile device. We are working effortlessly to launch the mobile platform by the end of this year.

Our solutions comes with two variances; Nezasoft::Retail and Nezasoft::Enterprise. The two models share almost 80% of the features. We developed the two platforms to cater for the different business needs.

At Nezasoft other than providing business processing solutions we also offer payment integration to clients who use our platform. Our solutions are free to use you can have your account set and have running in a matter of minutes. We strongly advice you to go through our demo version first for familiarity and also to make sure you are getting a solution that will work for you before on boarding.

We also provide an alternative solution for users who want to have a dedicated platform hosted at their premises(either on their own domain or dedicated networked server). For this approach you will be billed a monthly fee for support and maintenance.


Nezasoft::Enterprise accommodates businesses that have a recurring revenue model. Billing can be adjusted to either post-paid or pre-paid depending on the needs of the business.
Examples of enterprises that can benefit from the features of Nezasoft::Enterprise include housing agents, ISPs or any other type of business that provides subscription services to its customers.

Market Place

Nezasoft Market place is an E-commerce platform that enables buyers and sellers to interact. Our platform helps farmers find markets for their produce as it provides a market platform for many users who visit the website.



This option is for businesses that have a non-recurring revenue business model. This model is ideal for merchants or wholesalers who handle order processing, deliveries and billing. Simply put this section is ideal for businesses that deal with products or services where billing is done upon delivery of service(s) or product(s). The inventory section has more advanced features that involve inventory management and warehousing.

This alternative is ideal for small, medium or large scale business that is commodity based. We can fine tune the platform to meet the needs of any business be single-user or multi-user accounts while Nezasoft:Enterprise

has the option of automated billing. Nezasoft:Retail does not support automated billing. Billing only takes place once the order process is complete.



Nerve is a platform that helps Internet Service Providers(ISP) manage internet connection, billing and network management for their day-to-day running of their business. The system automatically produces user logs, usage of Internet and billing information. It automates all user information management and billing procedures on monthly and yearly basis.

Nerve aids internet service providers to efficiently manage PPPOe and hotspot connections. Our plaform helps you create and manage users directly or indirectly to NAT. It also provides options for Radius server. Nerve also supports ticketing and financial reporting through the accounting and billing option.We also do third party integration support like payments and SMS gateways. Please hit us up at info@nezasoft.net for a demo account

Demo & More

Our intergrated solution gives you an all-in-one platform that enables you to manage your accounting, payroll, client management,payroll, human resource, inventory, archiving, generating sales order and keeping trake of sales from a central point

For uses who opt for the shared platform will have the advantage of having uptime of up 95% which will bring about reliability and efficiency. Our platform also offers great security from external attacks.

On initial set-up you will have general or standard reports upon which you will send us a request for more detailed and custom reports that meet your needs.

We also offer you a tour to our platform. You can have the look and feel of nezasoft and perform some functions for test purposes. In the process, we would highly appreciate if you gave us feedback in regards to pros and cons and functionality that needs to be factored in

Our goal is to develop better solutions therefore your feedback is highly valued. For a demo and walkthrough kindly visit Nezasoft Demo